Planning and creating content for marketing

Planning and creating content for small business marketing

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Content marketing

It’s a great way to get more traffic, more followers, to grow your brand and even reduce your ad budget.

But there is a problem.

It’s not enough to simply create a PDF document and share it around your social media platforms.

Your content needs to be highly relevant to your audience

Engaging, perhaps even attention-grabbing

And delivered at the right time. What do I mean by that? Well, send out detailed product information too early and your prospects won’t be ready to buy yet. But if they don’t have the details when they are ready you could lose sales

In this course you’ll learn:

  • What types of content to create

  • …and when

  • Quick and easy ways to create content

  • And how to plan it all out so you can save as much time and effort as possible.
So join us!

Intended Audience: small business owners, small business employees

Course Curriculum

1. Gathering infornation
2. Designing your content funnel
3. Different content types you can choose from
4. Your content calendar
5. Visual design
6. Tips for creating content fast
7. Using content created by others
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Helen McFear